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Rec'd recycled, mangled and tangled hair which was not human as promised, nor did I get the honey blonde streaks I asked for. I fought w/ this dry tangled hair during my lunch everyday.

I am miserable w/ this fake hair. I was embarrassed telling my co-workers I pay $300 a mo. I became the laughing stock on my job. They should be shame of themselves to rep.

Hair Club. Is this the way they treat all their customers?

I'm requesting half of all monies I paid. Dissatisfied Customer, Sandra Bonds

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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hi Sandra I'm so sorry for what these people have put you through ...if you just knew...Save your hard earned money...just read some of the reviews posted, it'll bring tears to your eyes...For best result, is to have your own private hair stylist, one who can and will apply Cut and style your system...You can find them in almost every city or major city specially where you're at just search...Thanks to internet you can also order your systemproducts online for fraction of price...I wish you the best of luck girl...

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