I have been a customer since 2005. I find Hair Club to be an honest, genuine and a quality company. I imagine I have spent upwards of $40,000-60,000 on hair systems and products since 2005. My condition is alopecia universalis. I have no plans to change companies because of the fact that this company has overtaken the market and has become a monopoly. There isn't a better option even though I have a big problem.

The systems ten years ago shed like crazy. They have improved in that manor. I pay for the Gold systems and get a new system every six weeks. This used to be a fantastic way of getting new hair that always looked nice. Sometime around the fourth or fifth week the systems began showing the wear and tear. Then came new hair day and that is always a good day.

In 2013 ish I researched and found that Bosley, a Japanese company now took over Hair Club. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) was involved in some level afraid that this would become a monopoly. They allowed the buyout and now Bosley/Hair Club owns the hair market. They OWN the hair replacement market!!!

Since that time the quality has tanked! My system barely looks healthy for one week. What happened? The best I can figure is that the chemicals they use to clean the hair from the temples in India (which they need to use) now almost every time, every system is actually over processed. The life is sucked out life out of the hair. The chemicals Bosley/Hair Club now uses strips the heck out of the hair like it never did before.

When I get a new system, I look so great for about a week and then when I'm alone in my bathroom I am often angry and sad that my hair ruins so quickly. All the money I spend each month...not wasted because there is hair there, but I feel all jacked up because of the dullness and and subsequent knots every single day. I know that my system is really bad after about three weeks when I get mats at the base of my neck that are like super knots that stick out. I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not.

To be fair, the people at my center are wonderful and do their best to accommodate me. They never cross professional lines and insult the factories in China, but in their own way make special allowances like reduced price products like conditioners. They know this problem with the over processed hair is systemic. I know that it isn't going away anytime soon because in a monopoly situation people loose sight of 'doing the right thing' and instead do whatever they feel like doing. This is the problem with Bosley/ Hair Club.

Meanwhile, I as a middle aged bald woman with tons of life left to live sit in frustration because what I once had as a viable product sold out and left me sad, frustrated and feeling stuck. I wish someone from the corporate offices would fix this! I am miserable. Contact info: manningmlee@yahoo.com


Stuck, bald and beautiful

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Easton, Maryland

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Thank you soooo much for the bigger picture! Sheesh that's horrible.


I also used to go to the hair club, I think I went for 2 years after I realized that they were not doing anything for me.. So I did my homework and found His and Hers out in Beverly Hills.

his and hers is a hair place where you can buy wigs and also hairpieces like the ones sold at Hair Club.. I started buying the hair pieces and I took them to my hairstylist who styled it using my my hair as well.. I paid 250.00 for my hair piece that lasted for 3 years..

Very good quality and you don't have to spending all that money on Hair club.. My hair looks natural L, I can flat iron it and curl it and I'm not paying thousands and thousands of dollars for the same service.


Hi,, I would like to know about your experience! I'm customer there,and u have question alot what going on. Thank you for ur time

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