As with most sales, they are all misleading. They start you out with something then try to pacify you with ***, promises and false hope, stating that they have other "systems" to try.

The ONLY way the Hair Club "systems" work, is if you have no activities and you don't sweat much.

In order for the system to not be easily detected by sight, it has to be the more expensive line. Not only is it more money per hair, but you need to get it redone more frequently because it is too thin to hold. In going with the thin one, you cannot do anything active, meaning something that raises your heart rate, makes you sweat and gets your body temperature up.

You can't even shower with hot water!!! If you do, it softens the adhesive, causing it to release and allowing the hair to pop and/or flip up.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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Its a wig


That's besides the point *** nugget.

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