If you are considering the Hair Club I advise you not to use it. They are very expensive.

Their products is full lace wig that is glue on with Acrylic adhesive. I'm very oily person the adhesive would nor stay on. The hair clud manager stated l was not doing something right at home.How can l be doing something wrong when l using you're product's. They order the wrong hair, glue wouldn't sticks most of the time or it trun white on my forhead just all kind of problem.

As of last week was accuse by hair dresses and the manager, and another assistance that my hairline is vert sticky and it's my fault that it take so long for my hair to be done. They informed me that l only have 75 minutes and it taking longer then that. The manager with two other lady's kapt trying to accuse me. One of stylist was really smart with me real.

I told the manager, we have done this before you know l am very Oily and by me being very oily you know the acrylic adhesive is very sticky on me. We been here and done this three years age. I told her l am not going to do this. I asked the styles are you going to finish my hair she just stood there look at her manager did not move.

The other stylist told the manager that she would find a better way to get piece off my head because it's taking too long and you're appointment is interfering with the other customer.

I managers call me about one hour later wanting to discuss what happens at my visit I have time to talk I told him no and l would get back with her. On Saturday morning l call and cancel all of my appointments and told them I would never be back to the shop again what the three of them did was very dishonest and disrespectful to a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Replacement Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Try. Lillians hair Systems on the Internet. I’ve been a customer for over 20 years


The shampoo loosens the hair follicles and fall out


What falls out? The hair?

And what shampoo? A shampoo tha HairClub has you use?Please explain and be more specific....


The HCM solution is gross dirty messy & expensive


All is true. Everything that person is says is fact I experience the same thing almost to a tee.

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