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This is review is false and was made by someone who has never experienced the item disregard review

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I meant Louisville ky not Lexington ky

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I go to the HC in Lexington, ky , the people are super nice and friendly, that's about the only good thing about them ,I've been for 4 months and it's the worst mistake of my life, I can't allow myself to sweat, swim, go to the beach , wrestle , play sports. I have to wear a hat almost 24/7, I live in horror worried someone's gonna take my hat off while im at work , I'm in Florida right now and the first day I take a shower and it starts coming off , it's a fluke , it makes worrying about your hair 50x worse , I've contemplated shaving it all off and living bald .

It's not worth the money , I have to call them sometimes 3 times a week for them to fix my toupe , I don't have the time or gas to be making trips across town every other day because my hair won't stay glued down , it's been a nightmare , the barbers are very misleading and tell you what u want to hear, Lie straight to your face while smiling and acting everythings okay , I'm 21 years old and have to worry about my toupe falling off everywhere I go, I can not enjoy life cause im constantly worrying about my head.

Do not reccomend , they make up every excuse to why it's not working. It's a scam and I highly regret the money I gave to this scam-artist company

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Replacement Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Davenport, Florida

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Once they get their claws in you. They think they own you.

Be well aware what your getting involved in. Most thier stylist are want to be hairstylist and never could make it out in a real salon so hair club hired them. Being it's all a scam. They only care about you renting hair pieces from them monthly.

Not how your hair Is cut or styled. The stylist are hired for show really. Their paid minimum wage also nothing like a real talented stylist gets paid. Buyer beware.

Cult like atmosphere. All a grande facade. Do your homework. Buy your hair piece off the net.

And watch a YouTube video how to apply.

Very very simple to do yourself . You got this


Hi. I agree with everything you are saying and decided to go on my own 20 years ago and give the honesty to the clients they deserve.

As a result I still have the same clients and more. If you would like to see for yourself please contact me at attitudes naturally.com location Delray Beach Fl


I've been with HC for a month, but yes very kind people and great service and they hide so manythings that will come out later.

I choose to canceled everything but they said something about a contract and an agreement.

All that I want it's my money back.


Get a lawyer, get your payments back

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