Omaha, Nebraska

My hair was thinning a lot. I went to hairclub to have their high powered magnifier look at my hair follicles.

The gal there immediately told me that my hair follicles were dead and wouldn't regrow hair without their brand or Rogaine. Which to be on their monitored plan for thousands of dollars.

I then went to have my blood checked because I read that having low ferritin levels (low iron) would cause me to lose hair and not regrow hair back. To my relief and surprise I did have low levels. My level was around 40 and the dermatologist told me your body needs ferritin levels about 75 to grow hair.

She advised me to start taking iron. So I did. I also started taking Biotin and within a couple months I had new hair coming in and the hair I did have was getting longer, stronger. I think back to the day I went into Hairclubwomendotcom and get pretty angry.

Even tho my consultation was free, they still were out to deceive and scam me. Ladies... see a professional dermatologist if you are losing your hair. Most of the time its temporary due to meds like Phentermine or low iron.

I paid 95.00 for my appointment which included the blood test.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I think that's very misleading, to imply that women who have thinning hair likely have low iron. Just because that was your case doesn't mean that's the case for everyone.

A "this worked for me, it could work for you too" would be much more appropriate than saying, "ladies, if you have thinning hair, see a dermatologist and its most likely low iron." You're probably giving false hope to people that are experiencing this and do not have low iron. Yes it is indeed worth exploring, but it's really disheartening when you have a chronic issue and strangers are like, "everyone in the world is exactly like me. Do exactly what I did, because what worked for me will work for everyone." I have no point to this other than to complain, and I'm aware of that.

And since people can obviously throw out whatever BS they feel like, then I might as well join. Cause posts like this are *** to see when you've tried everything and people wanna act like everyone else is just too dumb to figure out what works for them.


Wow, put on your big girl panties and quit complaining. This person was seriously just trying to be nice and give a POSSIBLE alternative to the blood sucking thieves from Hair Club.


Thanks for your posting. This also has been happening to me and now I will see my doctor and get testing instead of wasting money on hair products.

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