I almost got suckered into buying a ridiculously expensive package from HC. According to the commercials, HC claims to have products that regrow hair! That was what I and many others are led to believe.

When you get there for your consultation, they will desperately pull out all the reasons why you should buy their things. The sales rep was not a good listener, I told her I don't color my hair and I know hair extensions cause thinning hair. She tried selling me hair strands and visits to their salon for color!

Their products DO NOT regrow hair and if you do some research you'll find there is no cure for the problem. HC is a money hungry desperate company ripping off many people.

I kept telling the lady I need to think about it and she just kept pressuring me. She also said to me that the most important thing is my hair! *** that! The most important thing is health! Also, HC's cameras exaggerate your hair loss making it look WAY worse than what it is. For the money that you'll waste on their crazy expensive products, might as well just save up and get the hair transplant surgery.

I'm glad I didn't waste any money on that ***.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: East Providence, Rhode Island

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It is a big scam, they say there is no miracle products or champoo to grow hair, and that they offer products that do not make you grow hair They are thieves, do not pull, your money in the garbage looking for a specialist I tell the truth and only regain your hair transplant


Well said, good concise summary!!


Well said !

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