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I went to hair club for years they got me good $1600.00 for a system then $325.00 a month fee for them to put it on my head.. i had to give the lady that put it on me $75.00 a month she was really nice i didn't mind at all to give her a tip ........ I had hair and i loved it ...I done this for 3 or 4 years ..I started doing research and i do it myself now for $150.00 dollars every 6 months....If i can help anyone that has went threw this email me ...michelle_morton2002@yahoo.com

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I too, was ripped off. I just received my initial hair and it looks great.

However, they neglected to tell me until after they installed my hair that it will have to replaced every 4 months and to keep up with it, I will have to pay over $300 a month.

I can't afford that. I wish I would have saw this site before I paid the fee.

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