Hair Club for Men is a smooth talking sales person claiming that they only use FDA proven to work products. (Their EXT shampoos, sprays, cream are not FDA approved.)The only FDA product they use is minoxidil which you yourself can buy for 30 dollars or less at Wal Mart or Target.

They look at your hairs using a magnifier and try to scare the *** out of you. They persuade you to join and see improvements in 3 months and if you don't like the results in 6 months you use the money paid for a different type of procedure. (Which is a sign the treatments don't work.)They sign you up saying the cost is like 1800.00 for 6 months. You give them your card and the cost is over 2000.00.And this is just washing your hair and this other nonsense monthly.

Well they claim to give you this intense treatment..Ha Ha..They use the same shampoo they send you home with the same spray, they brush a hair conditioner on your hair and have you sit under a heat lamp for minutes, then they use these gloves that have batteries...if they work and lay them on top your head for minutes. They rinse your hair...oh by the way The lady Cannot apply the minoxidil on you, you have to do it yourself when you get home. Listen...You can do all this at home yourself...just buy minoxidil yourself...BUT minoxidil only works on the crown of the head..the back part so if you have frontal thinning forget it. This Hair club for men is a total waste of thousands.

If you want an expensive hair wash and a lot of BS that is the Hair Club. Please I know many people are desperate but go to a Doctor and get advise. These Hair Club people are just sales people trying to BS you out of thousands of dollars.

They wash your hair or give you cheap glued on wigglets. Remember Thousands of Dollars is what Hair Club costs...

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Location: Ames, Iowa

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Yes ..please do something about it 1) Report this abuse to B.BB...and local small clims...we are victims....thid is a fraudalent business..they shouldnt be operatin....call this # for help agains this scammers..living on us...346 402 6118


Scam,rip off"If you can make them cry they will Buy" this is every day slogan at hair club for men and women and part of their doctrines of lies,deceptions .Stay far away from this club..


I was a Hair Club Boston client from 1988 to 1995. Two of the top girls there left them to start their own business. Their prices were literally half of what Hair Club charged. I have been with this same local business now since 1995. The systems are the same of better quality for half the price WITH NO CONTRACTS.

I truly wish one of the major news magazines NBC/ABC/CBS could do an expose on how ridiculous Hair Club is. I now hear that you technically don't even own your own system.

Its really nuts. I personally knew Steve Barth and good for him for becoming filthy rich (fair play/nice guy) but the business model can be beat into the dirt by a wise, educated consumer. Get smart guys there are far better alternatives and in 2012 at literally one-third the price of HCMW.



These guys are total rip offs. I got a hair system from them that made my hair look unnatural.

I tried returning it as I was a laughing stock to some people I knew because it looked way off and too funny. They said they couldn't refund because it was already put on my head and modified. So, they kept over 2,000 dollars of mine. They initially gauranteed it to look natural and showed me bogus photos and I fell for it.

Deceptive marketing at its best. If you want to lose your money. Go to hair club for men. This place is filled with crooks and decievers.

As a result, I knew 5 of my colleagues who also considered them. I told them my story and after their consultations, they backed out. I hope hairclub reads this. For taking my 2,000+ dollars for a wig, causing me emotional pain and dissatisfaction, I prevented you from reaching 10,000+ in sales with the people I knew.

I saved their lives as well. Hope hair club for men gets shut down. They are nothing, nothing at all. You all need to read the hair restoration forums.

These guys are crooks and not recommended. If someone gave me a Toyota free or said take a ferrari (but the catch is to go to hair club for men to get hair as well), I'd take the toyota. YES, hair club for men is that bad. Don't pay any deposits and don't sign anything and get the *** out of the place.

Keep your dignity. Hair Club For Men psssssh, yea right. More like Hair Club For Animals. :( Rip offs!

Rip Offs! Don't fall for their story sales pitches!

Don't enter their building. :(



My name is David Hansen and I have been in the hair replacement business for over 50 years. I know this business inside and out, my words of wisdom to you would be do not go to a large chain company.

The bigger you get the worse the quality of the product gets. You do not deal with people who care about what they do. They simply trap you in a contract and as long as they see your money they are happy. Go to a small local business, find people who love what they do and have passion and pride in their abilities.

I have been in business for over 50 years and I love it even more than I did when I started. When you go to a small business your experience is more personal, these people care about you and make sure you get what you paid for because for them you are not just a number but a valid customer.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, I might know someone in your area that can provide you with good results or answer questions about hair replacement. You can find my e-mail and phone number on my website www.davidhansen.com good luck.


Hi David, do u know anyone in Alberta, Canada or where I could by a good quality system on line? Thanks!


One of many on-line company's is called Hair Direct....Leave hair club as soon as you can.you don't have do spend or pay thousands to hair club for things you can do entirely on your own...Go on-line Order your own hair systems by do it on your own you'll save thousands yearly guaranteed....


I could not say it better myself.Hair club is nothing but a SCAM and waste of money.The good news is that sites like this exist so people can research before they get scammed from *** like the "hair club" I was a victim of this scam company too and when I think about how much money I wasted on this BS it makes me sick.I only was their victim for 4 months I do not understand how it could take some people YEARS to realize that this is a total waste of money.

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