In general I am pleased with the results at HCM, but it is sooo expensive. I could make a car payment for the price of it.

The biomatrix hairpiece would last much longer if they didn't take it to a back room and chop the hair out of it, to make you think you need a new one (every 4 months.) Once I figured out how to best take care of the matrix hairpiece, I've gotten a lot of satisfaction from wearing it. It would last most of a month before a cut and re-service of the glue, but I often had to go back and have the front re-glued before the fourth week, since the glue sticks well to remaining hair, but not as good to a bare scalp.

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

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went to the HC in the galleria building on 57th st in NYC, went in for the free consultation,the manager michael watson,showed me several hairpieces,and various contacts,,,when i asked for some reading material,,,,,and said i wanted to think about it(its very expensive)the whole demeanor and tone of the consultation changed,,from pleasant,,,to very rude and uncomfortable,,,,i will not be returning


if work hard for your money and know better ways to spend it so stay the *** away from this fraudelent scam hair club or hcmw. hair club is scam,rip off nation wide,just read some horror story's posted by many.

instead do it smart go on line and purchase what you need from well stablish company's with no contracts and money back guarantee. well come

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