When I went to the Hair Club I had the consultation and I asked many questions and I was told the Matrix solution was the right one for me. We asked several times how much it would cost as I realized the hair piece would need replacing at some point.

I was told it would be $100/month. After signing up and getting my new hairpiece, I found out you had to join a program which started at $249 a month!!! Not $100!! I was not happy, I felt deceived. This program gave me 4 hair appointments and 4 hair pieces in 12 months.

The hair piece can be glued to your head or they have a new process where it is attached to your own hair and your hair can be pulled through. The process of having the glued piece taken off is awful, it took forever and took some of my own hair with it.

My new hair took a long time to wash in the shower and took forever to dry! This hair sheds like crazy, and I had to tie it back when I cooked.

The hair piece always got tangled with my own hair and I was constantly brushing it. Also, the hair piece sits better if the top of your head is shaved. I did not do this as I new I was not going to stay with the program, they do not tell you this in the beginning though I guessed it was going to have to be done.

The fee to start with are $1200 for your first hair and $1100 to join the "club". I wasted my money.

Store Location: West Covina, California

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worst decision i ever made, they couldn;t give a ***.


Hair club has runed my life im enbarrased to leave my house. All they care about is their watered down products.


I worked for Consumer Affairs before and after experiencing the consultation and then they started working me in with my credit card and i.d. so I would apply for credit.

Thank goodness it didn't go thru and then my credit card was denied for the deposit. I can't understand why when I said I have to take the car in and wouldn't be there to answer the phone to give another credit card, she said I need hair. EverythingI heard was I have dead follicles and it will get thinner and less hair with 1 or 2 growing at a time, that I need to do this so I would look good. Needless to say I didn't know that my depression was due to the consultation turned pressure to sign up and give my money to them.

Wise up in time and lucky for the bank to decline the card and took days to get away and see when you're in a blind spot and by yourself, you need to come with someone else like your husband who doesn't care about all this brainwashing. I can't say who is the more to be bullied but it is a lot of trying to sell you their sales pitch.

I for once saved myself heartache for my hair, money and husband to get after me since he didn't know about my appointment with them. Thank you God for looking out for me and having used my common sense for once.


I feel your pain, I WAS a hairclub member for two years and finally started to do some research becuase I knew there had to be something better and cheaper.

I fell into the same trap when I first got started. They initially told me there would be a $2000 initiation fee and $95 per month there after. They never mentioned that there were different membership fees starting at $249 per month until after the piece was put on my head. I fell for the oldest sales trick in the book...BAIT AND SWITCH!

Of course, I was extremely pissed and got up and left without signing anything. The only thing that got me to sign the membership contract a couple of weeks later was how good I looked, so my self-esteem got the better of me and caved in.

So, about a year later I decided to upgrade my membership so I can get more services and a better quality piece. I ended up paying $349 per month, but the piece was not much different than the one on the Bronze membership.

Finally, after a couple of not so up to par services and my hair not looking as good as it should for $349 a month, I decided to research and take my business elsewhere. I found a place locally that is way cheaper, the quality of the piece is literally undectable and looks way better and no initiation fees. I only pay $900 for a new piece twice a year because the quality is way better. $65 everytime I get it serviced about once a month. I was paying (not including the initiation fee) $4200 per year with hairclub and now only paying $2500 per year at my new place, which has way better service and much better quality pieces.

Hairclub can f#*koff for all I care. They're a complete ripoff and thier quality is a sham. Go to youtube.com and type in "hairclub Sal Rodriguez" and watch the clip.

That being said, don't feel bad about getting ripped off by hairclub because it happens to the best of us. I work in sales and I fell for it. Good luck in the future.


Could u recommend where I could go besides hair club or buy on line? I am currently with hair club and also find the quality just terrible. Thanks!


I've sent you already a respond.one of many on-line company's is Hair Direct or HD...Go on their home page check'em out....proficiencyp@yahoo.ca

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