I went back last February for "free consultation" and was going to use their services. I signed contract and was asking question before I left about how long the hairpiece would last and she told me I would have to get on maintenance contract starting at $200 per month.

I tild the sales girl (ALEX) I was not going thru with it and changed my mind. I left and thought that was the end of it but Alex turned it in anyway and now Citibank is wanting to charge me $1500.0 for a service I never got. Alex called me for weeks after trying to get me to go ahead with the procedure but I refused. I found out that she turned the contract in that same day without tellin me.

BEWARE of HC. They are a RIP OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to channel8 news with this too. They are frauds !

If anyone else would like to go public and let people know what crooks they are please join me .

My e mail address is mitchs_ta@yahoo.com. Im going after them !

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I had the same problem, no good customer service and they want u to come when they want u to not when u can. Plus i didn't like alot of different people working on my head, and if u got any hair that hair piece will take your hair out. The Hair Club is a big Rip off


leave hair for men and women now. go on line there are so many company's happy to provide you hair pieces ( no contract ) far more better than that of hair club's for only few dollars.

learn how to do it on your own and you can get away with 2-3 hair wear per year and save thousands yearly ones pay to hair club or better scam club. e mail me.


If you're lucky to cancel in time you will wait for months to get your money back or you'll never receive your deposit back. At the club they do not tell you exactly what your monthly plan is.

Only at your “Big day” comes your hairdresser will offer you a maintenance plan starting at $300 per month and will go up every 3 month. They are frauds and crooks !!!


They never listen Hair Club, the piece of hair they put on me keeps coming off and i have to return and pay them $220.00 every month to have paste on, i told them that the chemicals they use produce a very bad migraine headache,my neurologists says its the fumes from the chemical they use. What a rip off,i dont understand how the BBB does not close them down.


I went to hair club for 3 years if you have the money to give them its nice..I did research and now i do my own system and its easy...I get my system for 190.00 and i have long hair ..so i no they could do it for less .If i can help in anyway email me at michelle_morton2002@yahoo.com...michelle


I am currently with HC and find the hair to.b of poor quality. I am female and hv a partial hair piece.

I hv it quite long and layered. I find it knots up constantly and by the 4th week I barely hv any hair left in the back.

Before this I had extensions so I believe I could handle doing my own system but hv no idea which one to try or the quality. Could u help ?


You're absolutely correct you can do it on your own.leave hair club as soon as you can you've been way over charged for things you can do entirely on your own and pay only fraction of price.Try any on-line company's no contract which is a bonus and above all money back guaranteed..Order your own hair system and do it yourself you'll save hundreds monthly thousands yearly...proficiencyp@yahoo.ca


:upset :sigh :cry :? :x


Count me in!

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