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I had the joke they call a free consultation in there oak brook il office which basically a sales person that tells you there is no solution but to get there what they call hair system without even looking or testing your hair or the causes of hair loss and played the salesman trick that will give you a one time for first visit dicount and without explaining what realy it is and answering unclear answers about every question you ask to miss lead you and when you ask about the maintenance they tell you that you only need to get (hair cut) every 4 to 6 weeks and up to 3 month if you choose to for $95 and you have to replace it once a year for $1000, and will not tell you that its just a super expensive wig that they stick to your head and they wont tell you how its made or what kind of materials its made of , after paying and go back home i did some research and luckily lots of people put reviews about this place so i research the whole thing and found out that all what they tell everybody is the same lies so i called next day to cancel the contract knowing that you only have 3 days to cancel so another sales person told me to try it when it comes in 6 weeks with money back guarantee so i thought what here to lose and i went back there to get the paper work for that and found out that its only for the day they put it on and as long as you are at there premises so i refused and asked for at least 60 days so he told no way and will give me a week to feel comfortable to do so and i asked the same questions about the maintenance so he told me you only need a hair cut and remove and clean every 4-6 weeks but this time for $130 and you have to replace it every 6 months for $1500 knowing that all the reviews says that they told all the customers if they dont sign up for 380 a month program they need to replace it every 3 months more lies and lies the third day and after more research hoping to find a reason to do it and found nothing but bad reviews i decided to cancel so i called to so then they told me i have to speak to the sales person that had the first interview with and he is on the phone now , so i called and called and no one return my calls till about 4 pm that i decided to go there my self before they close and then i cant cancel, i can tell they where not happy to see me and the first thing the manager told me is that i should of made as much effort to research before i came to them like to cancel the agreement , really?? Then he got the sales person that suddenly was not busy and answered the phone to tell me that how he spent to much effort and he already ordered the hair and so and so knowing that it was memorial day weekend so really there was nothing they can do and after i insisted on the refund they started to be really rude and they started to tell me that the contract may state that i cant cancel if they ordered the hair which it didnt and after i pulled out the contract and showed them so finally they agreed to refund my $1895 on my card with fully being rude , this company is complete scam and i dont know how they still in business and they provide you no written guarantees on there products or pricing sheet and all what you go home with is just what they tell you without any document about they tell you ...nothing written but an agreement that explains nothing but you pay and get one time wig without any kind of any details or explination of what it is and thank god that i didnt fall for it ....stay away from this scam and run as fast as you can ftom these crooks that they use your emotions and how much you want your hair back to just make money without giving you any help ...they just want your money and they have no any medical solution or studys like they advertise, just sales people trying to get your money for a wig and scam you . Run as fast and far you can from these people

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Ever heard of punctuation? I'm not surprised you were scammed as your writing is extremely ignorant and remedial, which is probably a clear reflection of your mindset and thought process.

Christ, just trying to decipher what the *** you were trying to convey was painful and headache inducing. Instead of spending all your income on high price toupees and magic hair growth potions, invest in a creative writing or English class.


You are an incredible ***. Kindly take your perfect punctuation, superior sentence structure, and grandiose grammar...

and pick on someone who is actually on your side of the computer monitor. What a crass, venomous troll.

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