Hair Club up front sales are slick. The pictures you see in brochures are of people who spend large sums of money for their top of the line units.

Usually greater than $500 /month. (~$6,000+ /year) If you are willing to spend that much, then go for it. But, they like to get you in on the cheap side and tell you you will look just as good ...... then sell you the high end units and service.

They all have the same sales pitch. "It's all about you", they say. It's really all about "how much money you have." I signed a 6 month contract and lost $2,995 up front. Never again.

Buyer be informed. Their high end units are probably good, but you can spend large sums of money as they want you on their monthly pay programs. I went for their middle of the line units and they were not good. I have wore hair for 28 years from another source, so I know.

I spend less than $2,000 /year with my current supplier and they are good. Hair club is Not for me. Never again. It also highly depends on the local stylist once you start the program.

Some are good. Others are not so good. Big difference. Don't expect to look like someone in one of their brochures or you will be very disappointed ....

and broke!! Be Careful ....

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I've been reading these complaints and I wonder about all the bellyaching. No I have no woman baldness but I don't understand!

Infomercials are all misleading. You fall for it, your fault. Second complaint I keep reading is wigs aren't for me. But no one saya I'll keep looking for the right wig.

Another complaint I keep reading is they made me sign up. They talked me into something I didn't want but did it anyway. If you can be pressured whose fault is that? If they don't answer questions fully leave!

Stop feeling guilty about it! The BBB doesn't do a thing for anyone. You all keep yelling about lawsuits. Great!

Stop talking and do it!

Keep going to lawyers until you find one who'll listen. Just my opinion.


Blah *** droid I keep mispelling ***. Anyway, I had my friend call hair club in albany.

That's where I go. He asked if he ever upgraded systems if hr could ever downgrade. They stated that they'd do anything to accommodate his needs. Then they tried to force an appointment on him.

Funny, cause the same sales lady said I couldn't downgrade even though she had previously promised that I could.

Pretty bad when you have to lie and deceive a customer who purchases more of the top of the line systems. I can only imagine how the sales people treat their lower system customers


Not only that but they always apply ten tons of endurabond. They tell me not to use acetonr.

They made it seem like I was going to pour battery acid on my head.

They gave me some organge organic oil based spray which isn't effective at all on the endurabond and alcohal which again only worked on the tape not the endurabond. Im now gonna use one of their systems until the new system im ordering this week arrives from the new place im going to.


Matt found out exactly what I did. You will get ripped off $$.

Hair Club's units are so over priced!!!! Buyer be informed. You need a lot of money to play this game with them and you may lose. I did.

I lost $2,995 right up front. Shame on me. I learn the hard way. And they do not want to talk about any refund.

Matt is exactly right. Listen to those of us who have been there.


Can i ask where do you go now looking for somewhere else


Oh, and if you buy anything below the premium package you wont be getting anything super special. Premium packages include platinum, executive, presidential, and the premium package itself.

These are all lace bases. Anything less is either monofilament or ***. Even the sales person and stylists laughed at the bronze level system, stating it was detectable from space.

Truthfully, everyone except for the main sales lady has been helpful and even the stylists tell me they dont nderstand why I make mortgage payments for a system. Its sad that one individual makes everyone else their look like incompetent ***!


The top of the line systems are better but it does cost a fortune. I spent 584 a month for their (SFO) system, or french lace.

The hairline still sucked so I upgraded to the (SFF) or superfine french lace(#64 frnch lace) which is the executive program which runs in at a whopping 691 a month. They told me I could downgrade at anytime but now aren't keeping their word. The sales person stated that I had to pay for my systems so I offered to downgrade to bronze and pay the 691 plus bronze pieces until the sff systems were all paid off. The sales lady refused to let me talk to the manager and refused to work with me.

She said too bad you have to pay 691 for a year. Huh, funny part is they make you pay your new programs price two to three months in advance before you receieve your new piece so they're prepaid off so they can't rip you off. Also, the initial consultant had actual allowed me to downgrade at one point without a hassle because of time constraints with me getting down to the hairclub center once a month. Even the people on the 800 number were sympathetic, stating that they should have worked with me and they gave me to vp of sales in the norther eastern region and told me hed take care of it.

As soon as I talk to him that sales ladies *** is grass. So disrespectful.

She even tried telling me the sff system was thinner than swiss lace. The only system they offer that's that high is their sfs or superfine swiss lace program which runs on their premium program at 1420 a month.

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