Went to hairclub to see about options for my hair loss. Basically i was told that once the follicles are gone there is nothing that can really be done...

I was then pitched the Matrix - basically a mesh that they weave hair or synthetic into. Basically for about $5000 a year they will style my hair once a week and replace it a few times during the year. At first I was not aware of this but after you are locked the only option is to remove it. You basically have to glue this thing on your head and its not permanent.

Ever few days it needs to be fixed hence the maitenance plan. I hate it definately not for me and believe me like everyone else out there if you were told hey this hair piece is gonna cost you basically $1500 and you have to replace it every few months ohhh and by the way you have to glue ot on every few days you would be like forget it. I am so disgusted if it wasn't for the fact they shaved what little hair I had on my head to glue this thing on it would have been gone the first week. I'm basically waiting for my hair to grow back so I don't look like a complete freak.

I got the don't worry it wont come off in the wind ...guess what the thing flipping up off your scalp when the glue looses its tackyness is just as bad... I'll update everyone when I goto cancel the membership I'm sure it's not going to be an enjoyable experience just like this whole process.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Store Location: Newark, New Jersey

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I'm experiencing hair loss and i went for a appointmnet today and i want to do it but looking at the reviews i really need to find a better option :cry


why can't you accept the fact you have lost your hair. I have.

You do realize that everyone knows you are wearing a wig. You are only fooling yourself.



My name is David Hansen and I have been in the hair replacement business for over 50 years. I know this business inside and out, my words of wisdom to you would be do not go to a large chain company.

The bigger you get the worse the quality of the product gets. You do not deal with people who care about what they do. They simply trap you in a contract and as long as they see your money they are happy. Go to a small local business, find people who love what they do and have passion and pride in their abilities.

I have been in business for over 50 years and I love it even more than I did when I started. When you go to a small business your experience is more personal, these people care about you and make sure you get what you paid for because for them you are not just a number but a valid customer.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, I might know someone in your area that can provide you with good results or answer questions about hair replacement. You can find my e-mail and phone number on my website www.davidhansen.com good luck.


Yes Hair club is nothing but a scam operated by DISGUSTING SLEEZY sales people.

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