I've been a client for almost a year now and I've been dealing with BS from the first appointment. Like I've been reading from all the other clients that have been screwed over my story isn't that different.

They make all sorts of promises with the "Matrix hair" which is a fancy word for glued wig!!! They have gotten 7 yes 7 wigs wrong with it being either the wrong colour or the incorrect amount of gray matter send in. They have ALL gone blonde on me and don't match my real hair colour at all. Which causes me the go back and have them fix it again, usually by dying my entire head one colour until the new matrix was ordered, oh yeah!!

They couldn't tell me why my hair was going blonde and blamed it on the city water!!! What a joke. My six month program ended and they have been harassing me none stop to sign a contract for either bronze, silver or gold. Of course they recommended the gold package to the tune of $689.00/month.

I drive a $78,000 truck and I don't pay that much a month for it. The bronze package went for $478.00/ month and I said even that was too much. So I'm basically paying either amount for someone to wash my hair and replace a matrix 4 times/year (bronze pkg). I am so fricken frustrated with this company and based on what I've read so far it seems like the issue will NEVER be resolved.

I wish I had read these reviews long before I ever got involved with this place. The staff are ignorant and the manager has the business skills of someone from a fast food joint and that's putting down someone that works there. The stylist was very nic and probably the only reason I go back.

Unfortunately I have to deal with the gate keeper (customer relations "manager") before I can see my stylist. If you remember anything from my ramblings, remember this DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, STAY AWAY FROM HAIR CLUB!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Replacement Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hair Club Pros: Thought of having hair again.

Hair Club Cons: Overall experience, Lies and deceit, Glue they used to mess my hair up, Refund policy not fully explained.

Location: 3027 Harvester Rd Suite 502, Burlington, ON L7N 3G7, Canada

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Chris Terkalas is unprofessional/overrated solutions


The Toronto office sucks too

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