Randolph, Massachusetts
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Funny because I was trying to get an appointment in Boston and they don't take calls! They only take calls in Florida to book an appt so you have to go in.

I told Florida I had a very simple question to ask so I don't waste my time. Does it work for a cancer patient that had a lot of radiation to their head and the hair follicles are now dead, yes or no?

I already know that the transplants don't work because the follicle has to be alive but I was calling about the new "state of the art" lazier cap they use now. I could not get an answer!!!!

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UGH! What a shame!!!

Don't you just hate that?? These people will spend thousands of dollars promoting their brand to get new customers, but can't spend a few extra dollars to train their staff how to answer basic questions. I'm sorry they sucked so bad for you!! GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FIGHT!!

I hope you get beautiful new locks, and yes, these people should be ashamed! ***.

Thank you for calling them out on not taking calls, and also for not even knowing simple answers to questions about THEIR product! Too bad they're too *** to anticipate questions like that :/

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