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It's ridiculous how many times they make you come back when you initially pay 3500.00The receptionist is not informative or follows thru- she probably is new- also everything is a secret re: payment plans and programs after the initial 6 months- Always getting different stylists who don't communicate with each other re: the client. This company is cheap in the sense of using capes that have hair on them from client before- not everyone gets a clean cape- Wonder if the board of health has checked each dirty room?

This company makes and changes appointments based on the companies needs- NOT the client.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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My mom just paid $3500 for starting this program She's 78 yes old, her hair comes out by handfuls. They told her will take 9 months.

She was given pills and told to buy vast ants of vitamins.

I hope this fortune she's spending willcend at 9 months. This is her retirement money she's using.

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