Aggressive staff, makes an assessment of scalp by showing magnification of scalp on big TV screen, giving it a moon-surface like appearance. They PUSHES for you to sign a contract.

They say they will give you a unique hair piece, but it is a standard hair piece with poor quality human hair that needs to be replace every 4 months. They clue it on your head and if you have any hair underneath, you cannot shampoo completely and feel clean. Hair underneath smells. They then want to shave your head.

RUN!!! Do not sign anything. Shop around elsewhere!!! There are other places that truly offer excellent quality hair, pieces that last one to two years.

Spend the time to find professionals that will give you a truly unique hair piece...not some big fake wig that has to be trimmed and trimmed and colored and thinned and feels awful and hot to wear....not to mention looking like a hairpiece. REMEMBER do no sign the contract.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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