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Earlier in the year, I had been looking for replacement options for hair that I have lost with chemo. I have explored hair restoration options through various tools and outlets (Rogaine, Propecia, biotin supplements, laser bands, etc.).

Hair loss is frustrating for anyone, but unfortunately looking at credible outlets and resources is very difficult. The Hair Club in South Side was really phenomenal from the intake process to the eventual installation and maintenance.

They are extremely communicative and hospitable, and do an assessment to offer you a variety of options to consider. The professionalism is obvious from the technology and tools they use, to how they triage follow-ups. I felt at ease about making such an investment, and appointment times were typically very convenient.

I was also very impressed by the stylists they use.

They provide you with a lot of background and tips to maintain your hair. Listening to their thought process regarding installation and maintenance (even talking about the chemical reactions/bonding process) was very refreshing and transparent.

The other thing to realize is that once the piece is installed, there is maintenance with the Hair Club and self-maintenance. I had an issue with my first piece coming out of alignment, and they were very quick to follow-up and make sure my needs were met. At the follow-up, I needed to have the hair re-set, and I mentioned how the hair was a little bit lighter than my hair.

The stylist responded that she agreed, and prior to me asking this she was actually in the process of dying it. They're very keen and perceptive, and they were excellent about reassuring me throughout the initial hiccups.

I encourage anyone who is considering this to go into a consultation and try--the entire staff has been extremely pleasant to work with and I am very pleased with the decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Procedure.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Hair Club Pros: Stylist, Management.

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