What is the time frame for a service n application for a gold member? The booklet states 6 apps service, is that per year, if so 6 divide by 12 = 2, which would b every 2 months, n a service a month before the application.

I started gold on the 1 April 2015. If calculation is correct why is my full service being done every 6 weeks n 4 weeks after that my application. Can U give me a calculation on this program please.

For this program it should b every 8 months instead of 10 months. Thank U.

Hair Club Pros: Michelle.

Hair Club Cons: Customer service.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Mine was almost three months when I got my last one application. Said it doesn’t mean you getting in the same time every two months.

If you look at the contract you will be out of contract and still have hair available and then you still have to pay more for another contract even if you have hair. We losing money.

Also you get different service at different locations. Some are nicer and better trained staff.


If you are a gold member you get a service every week, a full service after 4 weeks and a new system every 8 weeks.


Thanks Hcm employee


What is the monthly cost for gold in Indianapolis.?




That is not true.


Why are even there spending unnecessary thousands for things you can do on your own... Purchase your own hair system online take it to your own private stylist all for fraction of the cost and save thousands and far better results.!


Who has a great system.

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