I used hair club back from 1989 to 1994 and did the minimum upkeepnand still spent over $9000 in those years for new wigs and coloring and hair adding and fixing it to my head. We'll over the years the sides of my head used to anchor the wigs with their weave system thinned my hair on the sides quite abit.

Thank God in 1999 I used a doctor in Clarkston Michigan and had 6 procedures done including 2 scalp reductions due to erosion of side hair, took a year and a half, spent $21,000 Canadian, (the Canadian dollar then was 50% back then, ouch).

Mind you I only have about 50% of my hair back, but it looks great and I keep it real short, it's hard to tell, but at least I don't look like I have my dead cat on my head. Trust me, they over charge for everything and even in the commercials you can tell after having it, and makes you look ridiculous looking back when I had it and also on the commercials on tv.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Transplant Procedure.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Transplants don't work for everyone, for any number of reasons.

And I don't like short hair.

This is not a situation of "duh" as you stated.

The only successful thing about your comment is that it managed to annoy me.


Transplants show imperfections


Micropigmentation is the new better solution now

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