all it is, is a toupee glued to your head. something you can buy online and save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars.

The stylists are trained, but they usually don't have much talent to start with. Try to resolve a problem, and expect to be lied to and screamed at by stylists or management.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

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My son lost his hair when he was in his 20's he's in his 30's now and a friend of mine ..his daughter sells mens hair pieces for$250 She sends away for it from a company thats matches it exactly...he puts this hair glue on himself he got it shaped up by his barber and it looks great..every week he washes it and glues it on. He's had it for a year now and its changed his life........don't go to those hair clubs you can do it on your own...these hair clubs has 1000's of bad reviews.....those people on their commercials are actors. Don't get ripped off.


I agree

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