They offer a lot of false hope for a really big price. They are deceitful and evasive. I would not recommend them to anyone, I would only recommend that no one else get caught in that trap.

I have been going to their club for a year and a half. They started me on Extrands. After sitting for hours to have them put in, the next day most of them fall out when you style your hair.

Then it was EXT. I asked many times, "How long does this take to work?". No one can give me an answer. When I finally decided it wasn't working I told them I would not be coming back. They kept charging my credit card. When I went to see them about that they said it was a membership, you have to give thirty day written notice. But they never bothered to mention that before.

Then they suggest a hairpiece. You have to have part of your hair cut out so they can glue the hairpiece in place and when you decide you don't want to do that anymore, they keep the hairpiece.

They are just a bad investment with no return. Keep your money and buy a wig, you'll be much farther ahead. I've lost over six thousand dollars, I was just chasing a lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Xtrands Hair Treatment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hair Club Cons: Lies and deceit, Price tag.

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Completely agree with your comments. This place is a "reap off".

My husband had the worst experience at the Beverly Hills office. They suggest a hairpiece that never looked natural not even close to a wig. They have hidden cost. They don't explain clear other fees.

This was a really bad investment. They took close to $5,000 in a few months from our pocket. Yes, my husband paid for a lie.

This business all it does is deceive people and disappoint them. Stay away from them.


It's not reap off,it's rip off


Thank you for the VERY helpful information!!


They lied to me too it was in Beverly Hills location. I signed up because she said that the lowest she seen people minimum paymen is as low as $25.

I told her I'm not going to pay as low as that it's going to be more. So I signed up but when I received my bill my minimum payment was 584.00.

I was deceived by this people. Be careful cause you only have 3 days to cancel if not ur r stick with a lot of money.

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