The following is what I am going to send to corporate office:

As I sit here depressed and disgusted I can only think of my horrific experience with hair club Portland. I am left with a shaved head and house bound because I’m too afraid to go out. Why don’t you people tell people up front that they will be required to shave their head before GLUING the piece onto the scalp? No one ever mentioned that in my original consult. Had I known gluing was the process I would have NEVER considered such a thing. At any rate it wasn’t until the last minute that my stylist said we will need to take this down, meaning shave my scalp. She said you seem like a reasonable person and next I am signing a document to say I authorize the shaving. That made me suspicious. On my second appointment I asked about the three styles that were included in my package. I asked her what I do after the 6 months is up. She said it cost something like $389 – 419 a month with a new style every 2 months. I was shocked, I repeated it to her 3 or 4 times because I couldn’t believe what she was saying was true. I am 66 on a fixed income and would never spend that kind of money on my hair.

Now that is only part of the experience. Next we start noticing the hair is getting coarser by the day and very fake looking. My scalp began to itch like crazy and it was difficult to find a position comfortable in bed. The creases in the corners of the piece puckered and poked my scalp feeling like a pin. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. It was driving me crazy. So not only does it feel badly it looks awful. Now taking it off was unbelievable. The pain of having that thing removed was outrageous. I can’t imagine anyone doing that every 2 months let alone one time a year. It really hurt. What you see after it is removed is frightening. I looked uglier than I could possibly imagine. Then it’s the wait for your hair to grow in. BTW, I had the piece put on Feb.4 and removed March 11th, barely one month.

Then I was advised that there were other plans that hair club could provide me with that I was eligible for because I had already paid. I don’t trust the company and I think they are guilty of not disclosing all the pertinent facts. I was given a contract to sign that could only be read with a magnifying glass and like most people I just signed in good faith hoping for the best. I still don’t know what it says. I really am not interested in doing business with hair club. I think you should refund me a minimum of ½ the amount I paid. If we can’t reach an agreement I will contact the media and state of Oregon to see how I should proceed. I see your company as exploiting people when they a most vulnerable. Please contact me at your soonest convenience.

Reason of review: no disclosure about system and product.

Monetary Loss: $3995.

Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

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HI Sir,

I am in the process of doing XTRANDS PLUS can I get your phone number I need to discuss with you more before doing this.


My cell number 832-952-2993


I am wondering how things worked out for you? I just hired a lawyer and he is building a fraud case against them.

I have received no services yet, but I failed to cancel in the 3 days. They will only give me half my money back, but they did nothing for me!


I was also getting a Lawyer, is there some way we can contact each other?


We are so very sorry you are feeling this way. Our goal is to make sure all of our clients are happy.

We will be reaching out to you today to discuss with you further.

Hair Club


Wow, I was contemplating signing up for the transplants. I've been saving for a year. Now, I'm not sure what to do :(


You guys don't CARE


Better get a magnifying glass and read that contract

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