HI, i cut short of lies,deceptions,bogus contract as you all can guess what this club is all about.but one thing i should say and remind you that it don't stops here.they can also hurt you booth emotionally and psychologically if not physically! they did it to me.

i swear it. for $650 a month all i got was warm wash and shampoo and some very few new hair in entire year.WIG was loose all the time,even stylists took petty on me. i had to deal with melted tapes ans liquid glue sticking to my hair so dirty,messy and visible.finally i began demanding services,integrity and honoring contract/ what a joke! i put up with this girl who claims she is sales manager constant pressure to upgrade so she could make some profit.once had enough of lies,deceptions i demanded refund?

guess what they did to me hours later? accused me of bad behavior,harassment. so i was out with a dead,old hair piece and not knowing where i go now.see this *** artist sales manger and her friend manager booth feared of my popularity ans some truths came out later about them made this allegations and conspiracy to get reed of me. they succeeded.now I'm engaged in legal battle.soon i will have not only this club in court but this two and another staff member who was making derogatory and homophobic remarks against me charged and pay for their crimes.

i assure you all. do not stop posting.

it works.you have their attentions ..what this club did to me is outrageous and illegal.i want to see this two manager and sales person in court explaining themselves. this is my story base entirely on my sad experiences at hair club hcfmw.

Reason of review: What they did to me is truly unethical immoral and appalling, abhorrent to every right-minded person!.

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I urge you all to invite others to my reviews..I need all the help I can get..thank you


Hair club employees Simon D'souza and Nellie(Niloofar) Mahravan's monstrous and conspiratorial lies and deceptions."This can happen to any one of you".This is a case of malice and hatred, evil intent, ill will and spite by this two Toronto hair club employees. .This two told lies on me denied me of the truth and framed me, as a result of their pivotal role in telling lies and denial a major crime was committed.

I strive and struggle to find a way around this two series of lies and deceptions and to get them in court and bring them to justice. Please be advised this two both refused to take LIE DETECTING TEST and POLYGRAPH and unlike it is in US sadly i can't possibly force this two to do so here in Canada.This two and their series of lies and fabricated story's along side hair club's are part of a well orchestrated and well coordinated attempt aimed to mask the truth while under investigation and amid hair club's series of failed attempts and excuses desperately seeking a way out of their trouble and lawsuit.."A crime by itself" by not admitting the truth Nellie Mahravan while being fully aware of pain she has caused and fully aware of lies put together by Simon D'souza and hair club sadly she decided to ignore the call for telling the truth and lied about all at the pleasure of hair club and collaborated and participates in a conspiracy; she denied handing over her own personal contact card on April 27-2012 "Please Call Me Don't Forget Me" "I'll be gone until October" "Please stay in touch" (this would dismiss the entire hair club's baseless nonsense allegation aimed to mask the truth and to thwart on going lawsuit), while backed by further lies put together by Simon D'souza in collaboration with Mahmoud Mozafari("Moe") hair club enabled use these lies as an last excuse in a series of failed attempts and excuses allowing hair club months later to ignore all the facts,truth and witnesses and commit to conspiracy making unjust unlawful bogus and nonsense accusations. Nellie Mahravan also denied making formal apology for all the wrongs she has done to me (on April 20 and 27-2012) and for making wrong reports, she denied admitting to slanders and disgusting remarks by her co worker named Chris "He Is Jealous Of You" and Simon D'souza's feeling towards me citing all rooted in deep jealousy.This case has elicited strong passion among those who know the truth and know that lies have been told on me and indeed injustice has been done by hair club and that hair club turned this tragedy to a travesty..To learn more of this two and their premeditated crime,their vicious and intentional lies and official complains filed against them which includes sexual harassment,coerced,making wrong reports and cover up coerced and conspiracy please contact me directly..! Also official complains have been filed against these two other hair club workers named Chris and Mahmoud Mozafari("Moe") for lies,participating and facilitating plot and conspiracy, slanders remarks confirmed by Nellie Mahravan on April 20 and 27 2012.These employees actions including their deliberate lies resulted in a major crime which has caused a major harm.While investigated these employees Simon D'Souza, Nellie Mahravan and Mahmoud Mozafari(Moe") scared worried by getting exposed loosing their jobs not only lied about everything sadly they went on making additional disgusting lies used each other as witnesses.

Please go on pissedconsumer.com review#370298 this review reflects only fraction of lies put together by Simon D'souza update being also added at the bottom of the said page.. Please note that i was already told by this employee named Chris of hair club head office being behind it all exempting any employees involvements in my unlawful cancellation this was done during phone conversation while he's informing me of my cancellations.

Also there are additional negative reviews posted by others against Simon D'souza where he has been named as a liar.

public should know that i stand by all i said here ready to co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies,law firms,police and media also willing to take polygraph and lie detecting test . If you have any question regarding my statement and lies told on me please contact me directly at proficiencyp@yahoo.ca?


Correction,in reference to my comment about my conversation with employee name Chris mentioned in my statement(last paragraph above)it is important for me to say in his defense while he mentioned (hair club hair club)that my comment and input was entirely based on my own and personal interpretation,it is possible that it could have been my misunderstanding of his remark..thanks


Hair club is a rip off scam


I know this much i will never ever consider joining this so called hair club.look what they do to clients.!


HI DEAR,we've been trying to get in touch with you. we like to hear from you.have a great day.


Update..until court my mission is as has been a major part of my campaign to not only reveal lies,deception and finally conspiracy by hair club for men and women but also to expose this club to public,using all social media so people learn of this club for what it represent not by this clubs deceptive ads. people can indeed contact me ask me about hair club procedures using liquid glue,taps on clients scalp and of the WIG they call bio matrix? please note, this WIG can be easily purchased for fraction of prize on many on line company's or ordered directly it can be better ,cheaper.you have my e mail.


HI,no respond so far by hair club head office.!tough hair club head office surely aware of their huge mistake and wrong caused by Toronto staff members who acted purely on jealousy,ignorants confirmed by their own so called star witness who just two weeks prior to my cancellation base on wrongful and unlawful accusation of harassment also she admitted to homophobic remarks and bad words targeted at me by this office member with it she also apologised for past wrongs and future i did not know about and only learned two weeks later what she meant and tried to tell me by constant apology's. sham on you. :(

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