Hair Club is a SCAM!!! Do not go there!

i allowed Britana Finke to sell me into a dream that turned into a nightmare!. After she recieved my 4,000.00+ she refused to refund me. I can't believe the lies and scams she will feed you just to take away from your pocket. The stylists there are just plain sloppy.

They shaved my real hair off, which i still had plenty enough to work with, i just wanted to fill in. Anyways they shaved my head and slapped a wig on. The supervisor, Jenn is worthless, she had no remorse for me at all, it pretty much was well take the hair off and send her on her way.

The bonding agent they used burned my scalp I brought that to the stylist attention, she leaves the room and i can hear her and a few others bad mouthing me. For what I paid I should've been treated better or at least refunded my money back.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hair Club Cons: People, Service, Overall experience, No guarantee lied to my face, No guarantee lie to costumers.

Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

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yes, i have actually been speaking with a lawyer over this. apparently im not the first in the passed 6 months to complain about this at this specific location


I was thinking about giving them a call. I believe I will try and read as many reviews about them that I can.

You should sue them.

They're supposed to help replenish hair...not shave your head and give you a wig. LoL


HCM Toronto Ontario are a group of liars too !

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