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Well it happened two years ago after being a loyal hair club client and $29"000 i put into this company. They would always use a timer to cure the hair before applications then i guess with their richer clients coming in they stopped using the timer.

This led to problems with the bond. Also, ti never could get the same haircut but with two of the stylest. Just never could get it right. In the first three years it was great!

Then it never seemed the same again. If they crinkled the tape in the front well thats my problem fir not buying their shampoo. Really?,i would pay almost $300 plus $25, and it was always my fault. Took them four years to get the coler right also.

Well i had a personal problem that came into my care, not my fault. The manager had me sign a piece of paper stating "no charge for services unreandeered until i return. Well when i went back i wanted a haircut, i asked for "2inches from "12 .my stylest said i do not want to cut your length. 3times she said this.

Why? Because The manager told her to cut more of then i asked!ive heard about this from a former stylest of theirs that they would do this so u have to buy another matrix sooner. They butcherd my hair. So i called and aj the tryrant took my membership after 6 years.

This man has ruined my life honestly. All my fear and dread came back as well as my marriage on the rocks because of the anxiety of not having my care. This *** has changed me and how i felt. $29"000 and nothing from him.

Ive tried for a year to find a solution, its been *** Please avoid these people at all cost. They only care about money and their higher up the level customers. Ive been slandered over ajs dissmisal also. I have the profe and will try my best to sue them for the horror they have caused me.

There are solutions it just takes a little time and reserch. Thank u aj for giving me my freedom back and making me enjoy life to destroying everything. U can go to *** for what u took from me. Avoid this company at all cost!

Its called a matrix but its a wig they buy for $200 and charge u $1"000 .enjoy it for the first week because that's really how long it will last if u wash it everyday like they tell u. U do not wash this type of hair daily. It will dry it out but they just want u to buy another one faster.

*** crooks u are. Thank u for hurting me and my happiness aj.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Membership.

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Your fault for putting full faith in them !

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