after i realised that i've been dubbed and paid so much for simpaly a wig one can puechse on line for 160$ and do it yourself insted of paying coned to pay up to 5k to this fraudulent hair club i complained..managments did little or nothing at all..once they knew i'm not givin up i became taeget of sale manager..she would and did everthing possible to make it hard for me to get what i was paying for and asked whch was entegrity and honesty and ethich in doing busness.later iwas asked to leave and few days later they canceled me out without warning just houres before my next vists to get myhair refitted.a leeetter arrived citing my bad behaivour towrads staff and that is to them ofcource harrasments.with it they kept much of my monthlt paid and products which i paid for in advanced.and if i showed there they call police on me..i wrote to BBB,CONSUMER PROTECTION PFFICE,LATERI'M TAKING THEM TO SMALL CLAIM COURT... this report is an act of crime by hair club.i don't let go i swear it..they left me with an old detoraiting wig.ofcourc i already signed up to hair direct on line ordered two piece for 170$ a wear..cheap huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Hair Club Hair Treatment.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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I too am I client sick of hair club should just call it wigclub for men I wanna get out too is hair direct really any better please let me know thanks




Chris Terkalas is so rude


Ugly truth about hair club... Like so many hair club victims i too was lied to scammed, ripped off from start until the end and cancelled as soon as i demanded refund this can happen to you all if you ignore these warnings and these important facts about hair club.

"Buyer beware" ! Before anything else ask to see their so called Bio Matrix you'll soon find out their awesome product it's nothing but a WIG or TOUPEE.. then insist upon how it works ask to see it for yourself ? you'll soon learn that they use adhesive or better liquid glue and taps to make it attached to ones scalp, this procedure is itchy ,dirty messy and melts all the time never mind that it looses it's tackiness in few short hours..

if not deter yet ask how long this WIG last and how much the cost? starting with $1800.00 to $4000.00 remember regardless of it's outrageous fee you'll soon need to buy a new hair or a replacement (keep in mind this WIG last six to eight weeks only) unless you're led to sign an agreement to a full membership worth of hundreds of dollars monthly and thousands yearly and are based on program you choose so be careful signing agreement remember what you're paying for."Is not worth the cost at all" .... Please don't believe hair club brochures catalogues DVDs or ads on TV all are jokes lies or bunch of elaborate hypes.. Be careful signing hair clubs agreement take it to a lawyer first, also with hair clubs so called free consultation they prey on customers insecurities and vanity they'll deliberately mislead and fool costumers aim to sign contract with them once they have your money consider it lost and yourself "ripped off" keep in mind hair club consultants and sales persons and managers all collect commissions.!

Hair clubs so called Bio Matrix is nothing but rather a ratty looking off the shelf "wig" a very cheap low quality made toupee nothing more nothing less at the outrageous cost of well above $2000-$4000(one can easily purchase on-line for fraction of price) hair club is all about high Pressure Tactics,Constant Up Sell Duplicitous in the Extreme misrepresenting products, haggling customers to unnecessary upgrades bogus contract degrading quality of services unqualified staffs . learn more about this club on all Complaints Websites directly From The Victims Of Hair Clubs every day scam and rip off and what this club is really all about "Rip off" outrageous unscrupulous sales practices and prices . Please remember that there are increasing numbers of complaints and hundreds of independent negative reviews of hair club and methods used unsuitable and overpriced citing sever itching problems and fetid odour after procedures which i agree with and personally experienced. hair club surgical offer and it's so called Bio Matrix are marketing gimmicks only and that the only option available to customers are hair pieces "wigs".

Also complains have been officially filed and issued against hair club and some of it's office staff member employees located at the #1000Yorkland blvd Toronto Canada. They are Simon D'souza,Mahmoud Mozafari(Moe")Chris and Nellie(Niloofar) Mahravan who lied about all collaborated and participates in a conspiracy..she lied and denied about the email she initiated by offering her own personal contact card (the entire hair club nonsense and excuse allegation is based on)she did so on April 27-2012 (not allowed by company's regulations) this would dismiss the entire hair club's bogus nonsense and baseless excuse and allegation their entire case aimed to thwart on going lawsuit against hair club, as a result of Nellie Mahravan's pivotal role in telling lies and denial by not admitting the truth hair club enabled while backed by series of lies and fabricated story's put together by Simon D'souza in collaborations with Mahmoud Mozafari("Moe") and months later when hair club being faced with lawsuit and amid series of failed attempts desperately seeking a way out of it's trouble and lawsuit comes up with yet another nonsense excuse with unlawful disgusting accusations and resorts to conspiracy."confirmed by employee name Chris blaming hair club to be behind it all exempting any employees involvement in my cancellation,this was done over the phone while informing me of my unlawful cancellation". I strive and struggle trying to find a way around their series of intentional lies fabricated story's and deceptions and to get them in court and bring them to justice.This case has elicited strong passion among those who know the truth and know that lies have been told on me and indeed injustice has been done by hair club and that hair club has turned this tragedy to a travesty.Complains filed against Toronto hair club for men and women includes sexual harassment, slander and disgusting remarks confirmed by Nellie Mahravan, inflicting personal injuries, breach of contract and unlawful cancellation while and as soon as i demanded refund confirmed by employee name Chris, lies, facilitating conspiracy coerced making wrong reports with intentions to mask the truth and cause harm.

Simon D'Souza's lies have been posted on-line for public view,To learn more please go on http://pissedconsumers.c… review #370298....I stand by all i said here ready to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and police, media,law firms and take lie detecting test and polygraph... Avoid hair clubs outrageous unscrupulous fees strong armed tactics and immoral sales practices, hidden fees and contract and well overpriced hair systems and hair products by do all your shopping on your own and on line no contract, money back Guaranteed with it save hundreds of dollars monthly and thousands yearly Guaranteed ....Thanks


Hair club employees Simon D'souza and Nellie(Niloofar) Mahravan's monstrous and conspiratorial lies and deceptions."This can happen to any one of you".This is a case of malice and hatred, evil intent, ill will and spite by this two Toronto-Canada hair club employees.This two told lies on me denied me of the truth and framed me, as a result of their pivotal role in telling lies and denial a major crime was committed. I strive and struggle to find a way around this two series of lies and deceptions and to get them in court and bring them to justice.

Please be advised this two both refused to take LIE DETECTING TEST and POLYGRAPH and unlike it is in US sadly i can't possibly force this two to do so here in Canada.This two and their series of lies and fabricated story's along side hair club's are part of a well orchestrated and well coordinated attempt aimed to mask the truth while under investigation and amid hair club's series of failed attempts and excuses desperately seeking a way out of their trouble and lawsuit.."A crime by itself" by not admitting the truth Nellie Mahravan while being fully aware of pain she has caused and fully aware of lies put together by Simon D'souza and hair club sadly she decided to ignore the call for telling the truth and lied about all at the pleasure of hair club and collaborated and participates in a conspiracy; she denied handing over her own personal contact card on April 27-2012 "Please Call Me Don't Forget Me" "I'll be gone until October" "Please stay in touch" (this would dismiss the entire hair club's baseless nonsense allegation aimed to mask the truth and to thwart on going lawsuit), while backed by further lies put together by Simon D'souza in collaboration with Mahmoud Mozafari("Moe") hair club enabled use these lies as an last excuse in a series of failed attempts and excuses allowing hair club months later to ignore all the facts,truth and witnesses and commit to conspiracy making unjust unlawful bogus and nonsense accusations. Nellie Mahravan also denied making formal apology for all the wrongs she has done to me (on April 20 and 27-2012) and for making wrong reports, she denied admitting to slanders and disgusting remarks by her co worker named Chris "He Is Jealous Of You" and Simon D'souza's feeling towards me citing all rooted in deep jealousy.This case has elicited strong passion among those who know the truth and know that lies have been told on me and indeed injustice has been done by hair club and that hair club turned this tragedy to a travesty..To learn more of this two and their premeditated crime,their vicious and intentional lies and official complains filed against them which includes sexual harassment,coerced,making wrong reports and cover up coerced and conspiracy please contact me directly..! Also official complaints have been filed against these two other hair club workers named Chris and Mahmoud Mozafari("Moe") for lies,participating and facilitating plot and conspiracy, slanders remarks confirmed by Nellie Mahravan on April 20 and 27 2012.These employees actions including their deliberate lies resulted in a major crime which has caused a major harm.While investigated these employees Simon D'Souza, Nellie Mahravan and Mahmoud Mozafari(Moe") scared worried by getting exposed loosing their jobs not only lied about everything sadly they went on making additional disgusting lies used each other as witnesses. Please go on pissedconsumer.com review#370298 this review reflects only fraction of lies put together by Simon D'souza update being also added at the bottom of the said page..

Please note that i was already told by this employee named Chris of hair club head office being behind it all exempting any employees involvements in my unlawful cancellation this was done during phone conversation while he's informing me of my cancellations.

Also there are additional negative reviews posted by others against Simon D'souza where he has been named as a liar.

public should know that i stand by all i said here ready to co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies,law firms,police and media also willing to take polygraph and lie detecting test . If you have any question regarding my statement and lies told on me please contact me directly at proficiencyp@yahoo.ca


:( hi, MY STORY BASED ON MY SAD EXPERIENCES AT THIS CLUB;i just want to say that I'm still fighting this club ans some of it's staff will soon pay for the crime they committed against me in court of law.this club has done sop much wrong and damage to me from start to end.they cancelled me out by sheer lies,deceptions and accusation just because i stood my ground while still member and demanded integrity and honor in doing business.their attorney asked for some times to investigate their own staff! no I'm not naive to believe she actually do so in my benefits. but at least i have their attentions and they truly know what they done was wrong and illegal.just don't disappear ,keep on posting so others will learn to not even go close to this so called hair club for men and women!!


This is my story based purely on my own experiences at hair club? after i had enough of lies,deceptions constant failure of their wig sold to me for the sum of 2k and hundreds monthly to maintain this *** wig plus constant pressure by some sales manager to upgrades(of course i never needed nor it fixed the problems ) my contract costing me even more sum of $650 per month, so she could make commissions and laugh her fat *** all the way to the bank i said enough is enough and asked for refund for all unnecessary upgrades and frequent failure of the wig they sold me and all they did to me in including emotional and psychological distressed.

soon later This is what they did to me:they commit to conspiracy fear of law suit and bad publicity's they canceled me out without warning? sales manger and her very very very close friend happened their manager with help from head office they acted like a cowards and made an story not short of bogus.i immediately contacted BBB and Canadian consumer protection office. they are working on it now. YOU NEED MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT HAIR CLUB FOR MEN AND WOMEN ?

i can and will tell it all.i give you tips .you can buy the same system or better WIG for only $160 a wear and keep for three months.you will save thousands yearly!

just go on line ..aske me what you need to know? proficiecyp@yahoo.ca


Go on line where?

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