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I am a black woman who went to Hair Club in McLean Virginia to see if I could get x strands. That was my motivating focus for the consultation. My hair was thinning in the temple area. The two staff members were trying to change my mind saying,"It would not look right and they weren't sure that I was a candidate because X strands would have to be applied on chemically straightened hair. They were trying to sell me a very expensive package to nourish my own hair. I excused myself to go to the restroom to decide what I was going to do. When I... Read more

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I have been a client for several years and switched to the Towson location for convenience. I have been a client of Jen's for years in Columbia. The manager in Towson is horrible and very unprofessional. I explained my concerns about my hair and the fact that I have extreme shedding and she said I can't help you and walked away from me. Jen said that is very common and several others have the same complaint about her, but nobody will do anything to fix it. I think I might transfer back to Columbia where I never had any issues. Jen told me to... Read more

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Im truly upset how JC the sales consultant explain to me that its only one way not recommended the hair transplant so he said there is only one solution the non surgical! which in their videos they dont show the procedure how its applied so really you are taking their word of honesty blind folded gave him the down payment $500 and the confirmation date a total balance $3500 which needs to be paid in full before the procedure remember dont know yet whats going to happen until that day come finding out they started the procedure and it was... Read more

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I am a male age 45 years old with thinning hair- company makes promises they can't keep and lies while smiling the whole time- let's be real- they glue on a toupe not a hair system!! Watch this place- better off going to a good wig fitter!!!! Mike Add comment

I have been a customer since 2005. I find Hair Club to be an honest, genuine and a quality company. I imagine I have spent upwards of $40,000-60,000 on hair systems and products since 2005. My condition is alopecia universalis. I have no plans to change companies because of the fact that this company has overtaken the market and has become a monopoly. There isn't a better option even though I have a big problem. The systems ten years ago shed like crazy. They have improved in that manor. I pay for the Gold systems and get a new system every... Read more

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It's ridiculous how many times they make you come back when you initially pay 3500.00The receptionist is not informative or follows thru- she probably is new- also everything is a secret re: payment plans and programs after the initial 6 months- Always getting different stylists who don't communicate with each other re: the client. This company is cheap in the sense of using capes that have hair on them from client before- not everyone gets a clean cape- Wonder if the board of health has checked each dirty room? This company makes and changes... Read more

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The following is what I am going to send to corporate office: As I sit here depressed and disgusted I can only think of my horrific experience with hair club Portland. I am left with a shaved head and house bound because I’m too afraid to go out. Why don’t you people tell people up front that they will be required to shave their head before GLUING the piece onto the scalp? No one ever mentioned that in my original consult. Had I known gluing was the process I would have NEVER considered such a thing. At any rate it wasn’t until the last minute... Read more

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DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR SCAM!!! I had a terrible experience with this place. I explained to them I was not happy and suffered health issues as a result of their product and they declined to give me my money back. Add comment

I've been a customer of HCM for the past 3 years now. I've been using the Alive scalp cleanser on an almost daily basis. It has helped with the itching I get sometimes on my head. I have never had rashes or anything like this when the hair piece comes off/goes back on or due to any of the products that I get from HCM. In fact when the hair piece comes off I like to scratch my actual scalp a little bit because it feels good. I love my hair stylist. Yes, the monthly charge to maintain it is about the price of a car payment not a mortgage... Read more

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Believe it! They THOUGHT they had me for $3,200.00, but I read the fine print, did my homework and they didn't get a penny from me! Go completely bald or buy a cheap wig. It's just away to rip people off who are (DESPERATE) looking for what ever seem to give them hope and or are desperate! I was told by a manager (women) in San Francisco, that I wouldn't be able to get out of the agreement, because I signed a contract. But, I read the fine print and they said I didn't respond within 3 day's, but the contract say's 3 BUSINESS day's! I WON! I... Read more

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