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I go to the HC in Lexington, ky , the people are super nice and friendly, that's about the only good thing about them ,I've been for 4 months and it's the worst mistake of my life, I can't allow myself to sweat, swim, go to the beach , wrestle , play sports. I have to wear a hat almost 24/7, I live in horror worried someone's gonna take my hat off while im at work , I'm in Florida right now and the first day I take a shower and it starts coming... Read more

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Mi esposa estuvo en un tratamiento *** hair club en east Brunswick NJ y honestamente me parecio un fraude nunca le vi crecimiento de cabello.

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All that's important to them is the money !!! They will give you every excuse in the book to defend their poor quality toupee instead of giving you the quality system you are paying for and I mean PAYING for. If your not happy with their service , their answer is to upgrade to the best or the gold or platinum service which is ridiculous in price. Plus your have to buy all their products which are way, way overpriced it's a joke. Do your research... Read more

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I went to Hair Club in March 2015 saw a wonderful lady named Kristin Mizia in the Marlton store she analized by hair and told me 100 percent it could grow back. She gave a application to fill out for a loan for 3,000.00 I was approved and here is how the story goes after 5 months I went back into her office every month to tell her it was not working she kept assuring me it would I did everything I was told. The only thing that happened to me... Read more

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I went to Hair Club for Men/Women in 2012 because of thinking hair. I was never offered surgical treatment and was told that washing a, massages and their hair products would reverse my problem. I paid almost $4K four years ago,was seen monthly at the location for 1 year with no results. At the end of the year I was offered more of the same services at a discount of about $2K but eh would I pay more to just have my hair washed and blow dryed. I... Read more

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Hcm should change their decor Read more

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When i joined i was giving incorrect information about the program and fees. (Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. 6 months into the program I realized I was over charged, I NEVER get my hair cut there. I have my own amazing stylist, and from day one i told them I don't need there hair cuts. I also told them i would not be getting my hair coloured, nor would i be getting any type of hair service other than the hair growth program. They told me this is all... Read more

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Hair club is a scam! They scammed me out of $3,500. They give you the option to color your hair, theyre pait is horrible, they lie about it saying that it is so good and it wont harm you, that a lie. First theyre hair die made my hair red and brunette at the same time and they kept covering this lie up by saying that it is just from the sun, it wasnt. Theyre hair program is the biggest scam!! They tell u, u will see results after a certain... Read more

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I went to Hair Club years ago to their Little Rock location. Don't think they have an office there anymore for good reasons. Well they pushed onto me their crappy Ext system that had the shampoo, conditioners, the vitamins. Either way for several months nothing worked. The treatments were a joke. A vibrating glove scalp massage then time under a heat lamp. Just a huge waste of time and money. You can kiss that money goodbye. They won't... Read more

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I went in for a consultation because I am losing hair. They convinced me to go with their services and had me sign a bunch of paperwork. One of the forms they gave me had a 3 day right to cancel. I did research that night and found that all they were going to do is glue a hairpiece to my head. I also found a lot of bad reviews and then decided to cancel. I canceled in writing and by telephone. I spoke to the sales rep. who helped me and she... Read more

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